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Gastronomy of Alsace

Gastronomie alsacienne

Alsace has long been famous as one of the most gourmet regions in all of France.

What is the secret of such success?

Simply, good products, painstakingly prepared dishes, simple and authentic flavours, a taste of the good things and of course Alsace Wines that add vitality, spirit and good humour to the Alsatian cuisine.

Let the Alsatian way of life take you by surprise and let yourself be tempted by our specialities in the restaurants, inns and winstubs that have made our region famous.

Examples of regional dishes :

(name of the dish in alsatian dialect)

Some starters :

  • Saveloy salad (servila salat)
  • Alsace onion tart (ziwelküeche)
  • Snails "à l’Alsacienne" (schnecke)

Some fishes :

  • Trout "au bleu"
  • Pike-perch with Riesling
  • Fish stew with Riesling (Matelott)
  • Herrings marinated in cream (Marinierti Hari)
  • Fried carp

Some main courses :

  • Sauerkraut "à l'Alsacienne" (Sürkrüt)
  • Smoked shoulder of pork (schifala)
  • Casserole with potatoes (baeckaoffa)
  • Coq "au Riesling" (A Güller nooch Elsasser Art)

Little dishes of the past :

  • Potato pancakes made with grated potatoes (Hardäpfelkiechle)
  • Potatoes steamed with onions and bacon (Roïgebrageldi)
  • Liver quenelles (Lawerknepfle)
  • Semolina quenelles (Griesknepfle)
  • Salted turnips (Süri Rüewe)
  • "Tarte flambée" (Flammeküeche)

Some cheeses :

  • Munster (Münsterkas)

Some desserts :

  • Apple tart "à l'alsacienne" (Apfelküeche)
  • Quetsch plum tart (Quatschaküeche)
  • Cheese cake (Kasküeche)
  • "Streusel" cake (Streuselküeche)
  • Black Forest gâteau
  • Brioche shaped like a little man traditionnaly eaten on St Nicholas' Day (Mannala)
  • Christmas biscuits (bredalas)
  • Fruit bread (birewecke)
  • "Kougelhopf" (Kugelhopf)
  • Rhubarb tart
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