Runnings "Les perles du Vignoble" and "La ronde du Sonnenglanz"

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Monsieur Michel CONRAD
14 rue de Hoehn
68980 BeblenheimLocate
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The departures of the hiking races "Les perles du Vignoble" (16 km) and "La ronde du Sonnenglanz" (10kms) are in the Beblenheim wine cellar. The routes will then lead the competitors through the vineyard and the communes of the "Perles du Vignoble" for an arrival within the Beblenheim Cellar. Duet races will now be possible. All the arrivals are rewarded either by a vintage wine ( Round) and 1 bottle of Crémant + a tank top ( Pearls).
Type of event
Sport event
Place of event
  • Free parking for cars
Availability and opening
Opening times
Starts at 09:30 for the 10kms race (la ronde du Sonnenglanz) Starts at 09:45 for the 16kms race (les perles du vignoble)
- From €11 to €25 depending on the race formula chosen. 5 € surcharge if purchased on site.
Situated in the vineyard
Starting city :
Jardin des Papillons
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