Les 7 grape varieties

7 cépages en Alsace

The A.O.C. (appellation of controlled origin) wines bear generally the name of their grape variety.

In Alsace, we distinguish 7 grape varieties :

  • 6 white wines : Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Muscat d’Alsace, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer,
  • 1 rosé or red wine : the Pinot Noir.

Description of the 7 Alsace A.O.C grape wines :

Description of the 7 Alsace A.O.C grape wines :
Alsace counts 7 A.O.C grape wines. All of them are white wines except the Pinot Noir, which is a rosé or a red wine. Always aromatic but though different, their character find their fulness in the best soils.

The Sylvaner :

  • fresh and light, with a delicate flavour,
  • goes well with seafood, fish and cooked meats.

The Riesling

  • dry, distinguished, delicately, with a very elegant bouquet,
  • sometimes mineral or floral notes,
  • perfect with :
    • fish,
    • shellfish,
    • seafood,
    • white meats,
    • sauerkraut.

The Alsace Muscat :

  • inimitably fruity,
  • vinified dry,
  • perfect for aperitif, receptions and with asparagus.

The Pinot Blanc :

  • soft and delicate,
  • it is well suited to most of the dishes.

The Pinot Gris

  • nicely structured, rounded and has a long finish,
  • displays woodland aromas, sometimes slightly smoky,
  • excellent with :
    • foie gras,
    • white meats,
    • roasting meats,
    • offals.

The Gewurztraminer

  • full-bodied and nicely structured,
  • displays rich aromas of fruit, flowers or spices,
  • sometimes slightly sweet,
  • perfect :
    • for aperitif,
    • with exotic cuisine,
    • with strong cheeses,
    • with dessert.

The Pinot Noir

  • rosé or red wine
  • Displays its originality with
    • red meats,
    • game,
    • cooked meats,
    • goat cheeses and Gruyère.

The Edelzwicker (mix of grape varieties) :

The Alsace white grape varieties can be assembled to form an harmonious wine traditionally known as Edelzwicker, which is perfect for the starters.

Consume alcohol in moderation. The abuse of alcohol can harm your health.

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