This is a very typical wine-growing town, situated at the foot of the Sonnenglanz («Sunburst») hills, where you will find many half-timbered houses, dating mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries - although twenty or so date back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

The former castle, of which only a dwelling (dating back from 1461), coat of arms and a defensive tower remain, shelters today the cooperative cellar of Beblenheim. The village is adorned with a late 15th century gothic fountain and has preserved 8 tombstones, attached to the wall that separates the Protestant church precincts from the presbytery, dedicated to past Beblenheim town notables.

Beblenheim was the home village of :

  • Jean Macé (1815 - 1894), this instigator and defender of secular education, founder of the ligue de l’enseignement - or League of Education (1866) and creator of Alsace’s 1st public library, is commemorated by a monument erected by the Beblenheim village community in 1955, at the entrance to the village,
  • Chrétien Oberlin (1831-1916), mayor of the town of Beblenheim during 35 years and pionneer of the Alsatian vineyards renewal, he has founded the Viticultural Institute in Colmar.
  • Christian Pfister (1857 - 1933), historian and chief education officer at the university of Strasbourg.

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Old castle of Hoen in Beblenheim Fountain Saint-Nicolas, in the village Beblenheim House of Jean Macé in Beblenheim Flowery street of Beblenheim Alsatian half-timbered house Beblenheim, in the heart of the alsatian vinyard The vineyard of Beblenheim The town council and the protestant Church of Beblenheim The fountain Saint-Nicolas and the town council of Beblenheim Beblenheim, wine village
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