The vendanges tardives ans Sélections de Grains Nobles

Vendanges tardives et Sélections de Grains Nobles

Two rare and prestigious qualifications may be added to the terms A.O.C Alsace or A.O.C Alsace Grand cru wines, in exceptional vintages :

  • the Vendanges Tardives (Late harvest)
  • the Sélections de Grains Nobles (Selection of noble grapes).

The terms « Vendanges Tardives » and « Sélections de Grains Nobles » indicate exceptional wines, often sweet or liqueur-like.

Exclusively produced from Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling or Muscat d’Alsace, late harvest Alsace wines bearing these two names are produced from over-ripe grapes in the finest vintages and, in the case of "Sélections de Grains Nobles", by successive picking of individual grapes affected by noble rot (botrytis cinerea).

Their intense, complex aromas, powerful structure and long finish on the palate make such wines true masterpieces of the viticultural art.

Consume alcohol in moderation. The abuse of alcohol can harm your health.

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