A wine-growing town on the ‘Route des Vins’, Mittelwihr was almost completely destroyed during the battles of the Poche de Colmar (December 1944 – January 1945) ; only the lower parts of the bell tower of the medieval church (rebuilt in the 19th century) and the martyr flowers wall, at the entry of the village, which exhibits each year its blue, white and red flower beds, as during the dark times of occupation, remain.

Nowadays, Mittelwihr is one of the high points of the Alsace vineyards : the village benefits from the effects of a microclimate, which has earned its nickname of « Midi de l’Alsace ».
Every year, this climate allows almond trees to flower between the rows of vines, on the Mandelberg hill, known as the «Colline des Amandiers» (almond tree hill), where the Grands Crus of the same name come to marvellous fruition.

The Bouxhof property, former Cistercian abbey (1168), of which the actual central building was rebuilt from 1707 to 1710, is a winery to discover in the middle of the vineyard, that offers a wonderful view of the plain of Alsace.

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