The tourist office’s commitments and the quality of its services

The Tourist Office of the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region, classified in category I, belongs to the Offices de Tourisme de France network.

The Tourist Office of the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region undertakes:

  • to open its tourist reception offices for at least 305 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays in tourist periods and during festivals, fairs and other special events in the geographical area it is responsible for,to put easily accessible reception and information areas at your disposal,
  • to ensure that you, [as visitors to the area], are welcomed at all times by tourist information officers with at least two foreign languages (German and English)
  • to inform you free of charge about the tourist offer in the Ribeauvillé region,
  • to make sure that the information given on the local tourist offer is accurate and up-to-date.
  • to display and distribute its opening hours, expressed in at least two foreign languages (German and English),
  • to offer a tourist information service integrating the new information and communication technologies (Facebook, Instagram, mobile app Google Play and Apple Store, mobile telephony, geolocation, etc.),
  • to offer you free access to the Internet via a secure Wi-Fi  connection in our two reception offices,
  • to answer your letters, e-mails, etc. all year round,
  • to provide tourist maps, plans et guides in printed form,
  • to give you access to its dedicated tri-lingual website (in French, German and English), tailored for easy consultation via embedded software,
  • to distribute paper copies of its tourist information, translated into at least two foreign languages (German and English) relating to:
    • emergency telephone numbers,
    • events and activities,
    • monuments, places of cultural or natural interest or recreational sites including the prices charged, opening hours and times of year, postal and telephone contact details and the website address, 
    • all classified tourist accommodation including, as a minimum, the name of the establishment, the postal address, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the website address, and the classification level,
  • to update its tourist information every year,
  • to display emergency telephone numbers outside the tourist reception offices,
  • to introduce you to all the approved accommodation, services, facilities and attractions on offer in the area it is responsible for the Ribeauvillé region,
  • to enable you to check the availability of classified accommodation
  • to treat your complaints and measure your satisfaction,
  • to facilitate your steps,
  • to offer you seating,
  • to respect the brand requirements.
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