The tourist office’s commitments and the quality of its services

The classification of the tourist office in category I

Office de tourisme classé en catégorie I

The Tourist Office of the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region was awarded category I classification on 3 February 2014 and belongs to the Offices de Tourisme de France network.

Within this framework, the Tourist Office of the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region undertakes:

  • in the area of information dissemination:
    • to ensure that you, [as visitors to the area], are welcomed at all times by tourist information officers with at least two foreign languages (German and English) who, over and above simply giving you  information, will offer genuine advice on your holiday,
    • to inform you free of charge about the tourist offer in the Ribeauvillé region,
    • to introduce you to all the approved accommodation, services, facilities and attractions on offer in the area it is responsible for (the Ribeauvillé region), 
    • to help you to put your holiday plans into effect,
    • to update its tourist information every year, 
    • to make sure that the information given on the local tourist offer is accurate and up-to-date,
    • to give you access to its dedicated tri-lingual website (in French, German and English), tailored for easy consultation via embedded software (,
    • to offer a tourist information service integrating the new information and communication technologies (social networking, mobile telephony, geolocation, etc.), 
    • to enable you to check the availability of classified accommodation via the central reservations unit of the tourist office, 
    • to answer your letters, e-mails, etc. all year round,
  • in connection with the organisation of its tourist reception offices:
    • to open its tourist reception offices for at least 305 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays in tourist periods and during festivals, fairs and other special events in the geographical area it is responsible for,
    • to offer you free access to the Internet via a secure Wi-Fi  connection,
    • to put easily accessible reception and information areas at your disposal,
    • to offer you seating,
    • to display and distribute its opening hours, expressed in at least two foreign languages (German and English),
    • to display emergency telephone numbers so that they can be seen from outside the tourist reception offices,
  • in the area of the distribution of tourist information:
    • to provide tourist maps, plans et guides in printed form,
    • to distribute paper copies of its tourist information, translated into at least two foreign languages (German and English) relating to: 
      • all classified tourist accommodation including, as a minimum, the name of the establishment, the postal address, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the website address, and the classification level,
      • monuments, places of cultural or natural interest or recreational sites including the prices charged, opening hours and times of year, postal and telephone contact details and the website address,  
      • events and activities,
      • emergency telephone numbers, 
  • in the area of the quality of its services:
    • to deal with your complaints day by day and measure your satisfaction, 
    • to comply with the standards of the Qualité Tourisme trademark on a daily basis.

The “Qualité Tourisme trademark” certification of the tourist office

Marque Qualité Tourisme

The tourist office has held the Qualité Tourisme trademark since 2011

Since the 1st August 2011, the Tourist Office of the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region has held the Qualité Tourisme trademark which recognises the unremitting work done by the Tourist Office through its quality approach.

The quality approach of the tourist office means that it has a duty to meet 166 criteria determined by the national system of reference, criteria relating to multiple aspects of the work of the tourist office, such as its commitments towards socio-professionals, visitors, the community, etc.

How do we use the quality approach to welcome tourists?

The quality approach makes it possible to: 

  • meet the needs of tourists as fully as possible by continually improving the services provided for them by the tourist office,
  • optimise work procedures of the tourist office,
  • have a positive economic effect on the whole Ribeauvillé region, 
  • promote the role of the tourist office to all those involved in the local tourist industry

The quality policy of the tourist office

The tourist office wished to start using a quality approach, being convinced that all those involved in the local tourist industry (the tourist office and the socio-professionals of the Ribeauvillé region) have a crucial role to play in improving the welcome and the quality of service offered to tourists on holiday in the Ribeauvillé area.

For the tourist office, it is a way of:

  • mobilising its teams around a specific project appropriate to the job of a tourist information officer,
  • benefitting from the expertise of the tourist information officers and  facilitating internal communication and training so that all the tourist information officers are giving tourists the same information,
  • setting up a rigorous organisational structure in order to control the quality of service provided,
  • setting benchmarks with a view to welcoming tourists more effectively,
  • proving by a recognised sign the quality of the welcome and the information given to tourists,

with the aim of:

  • meeting visitors’ needs and developing their loyalty,
  • promoting the quality of the service given and making it widely known:
    • to the visitors and tourists on holiday in the Ribeauvillé region,
    • and to the socio-professionals in the area.

All the tourist information officers at the tourist office contribute to implementing this quality approach; the documents relating to quality that have been produced are the result of several years of work, testing, taking stock and making choices that have enabled the tourist office today to fulfil the requirements of the Qualité Tourisme trademark.

The tourist office’s commitments to quality 

As part of its quality approach, the tourist office has undertaken:

  • to develop the quality of the welcome offered,
  • to update and monitor the relevance of the information distributed,
  • to promote the tourist riches of the Ribeauvillé region,
  • to meet the needs of all the people it exists to serve,
  • to provide ongoing training to its tourist information officers.

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