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Alsace as the seasons go by

The Alsatian spring… a soft and bright spring

While the last snows still cover the Vosges mountains, vineyard and plain of Alsace take little by little their spring colors, the new leaves precede the arrival of the flowers which illuminate the landscape

A warm and sunny summer

The summer in the Alsace region is warm and bright; as the presence of the vines testifies to it. It is not rare in Alsace to see the thermometer showing 30 ° and hours of sunshine has nothing to envy to the regions of the South of France.
Furthermore, benefiting from the shelter of the Vosges mountain, the precipitation are more lower in Alsace than in the other French regions (Colmar, with 550 mm of rain a year, is moreover the driest 2nd city of France and the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region benefits from this microclimate!). Finally, for those who appreciate the freshness, the air from the Vosges mountain will be of the most pleasant.

The autumn or the Indian summer

One could speak about the "Alsatian summer" instead of the "Indian summer" (warm and sunny autumn), so much this type of weather is frequent in our region in autumn! While in the early hours the mist immerses the plain, it is all the more pleasant to be carried by the charm of the vineyards and the forests covered with their golden finery...

The winter : time of expectation, time of Christmas

The winter offers heavy snowfalls on the Vosges mountain, that allow the practise of several sorts of winter sports there. Although less frequent than in the mountain, the snow recovers regularly of its white coat plain and vineyard, offering a magic landscape, an ideal frame for the festivities of Christmas.
The cold temperatures (regularly negative) are the ideal pretext to :

  •  take refuge in a wine cellar to discover an original animation,
  • taste a glass of mulled wine on the Christmas market,
  • snuggle up against an earthenware stove, the famous "Kachelhofe", still present in numerous winstubs.

All year round, Alsace will know how to surprise you to seduce you better...

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